We help next generation leaders create sustainable cultures
where collaboration, creativity, and visionary leadership thrive.



Build an adaptive, dynamic culture based on your innate strengths and collective wisdom.



Cultivate professional and personal vitality to actualize your unique potential.



Create a learning organization with practices and skills for inquiry and engagement.

These elements of conscious leadership shape the foundational health of your organization, with tangible benefits:

elements of conscious leadership
  • Reduce burnout and stress

  • Increase productivity

  • Leverage learning opportunities

  • Improve emotional intelligence

  • Deepen team relationships

  • Inspire innovative thinking and new strategies

A new approach to ancient wisdom

Organizational resilience begins with the individual vitality of your leaders.

We adapt principles of Ayurveda for a professional environment to identify the unique temperaments of you and your team. And then give you customized tools and practices for maintaining internal equilibrium in the face of continual external change.

Elemental Leadership Method

The Elemental Leadership Method:
Tools & Practices for Conscious Leaders

Fire. Water. Earth. Air. Space. These simple elements offer powerful metaphors for understanding our personal qualities, motivations, and behaviors – and how we relate and engage with others in our work environment.

We help you find balance within your organizational ecosystem so you can leverage the natural strengths of your team, maximize productivity, and deliver your vision with greater impact.

We support today’s conscious teams with customized offerings including:

Team Assessments

Strategic Consulting

Leadership Coaching

Speaking & Facilitation

with proven practices for achieving success.

“As a social impact company, we need to operate at higher levels of consciousness to execute our mission and vision. Working with Katy and Zeb gave our executive team new skills for elevating communication and brought us all into alignment regarding the path forward. It’s been transformative”

– Remy Meraz, CEO & Founder
MeTyme Network

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