As a visionary leader, generating and launching new ideas, products, and initiatives demands clear planning and constant strategic attention. It’s a challenging role that has its professional rewards – and its personal risks.

Whether you’re leading a fast-paced startup or driving innovation inside a larger company, moving at such high velocity can lead to emotional stress, mental exhaustion, and burnout.

We support leaders with personalized mentorship and coaching so they can become resilient innovators leading a culture where inspiration and ideas thrive.


  • Get honest feedback and advice as well as practical solutions and insights
  • Identify the behaviors and patterns that sabotage your success
  • Recognize your “power leaks” and find out how to prevent them
  • Learn well-being techniques for staying focused, balanced, and energized regardless of external stressors
  • Grow into your authentic leadership

“Lead with the Lights On is different in both what they do and how they do it. They have a proven structure on which to operate, but are flexible and intuitive in understanding individual needs.”

– Jamie Daley Ciardullo
JLDC Coaching

The Synergy Process

In addition to individualized personal coaching, we offer a 16 week, 7 module coaching process.

The Synergy Process begins with an assessment of your individual temperament and weaves into deeper work with the Elemental Leadership Method.
Together, we uncover the personal mental models that drive behavior and impact your leadership success.